Angola, Indiana
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I went to Bob Evans to get supper and take it home. First, the menu was very limited for take out.

Secondly it took at least 45 minutes to get the food. They kept saying it was almost ready. The waitress stated they were waiting on the turkey and dressing. Then the next excuse was they had to cook the carrots.

When they finally brought out the food I was not impressed. The carrots were barely cooked even though it took them forever to prepare them. The restaurant was not busy and they had plenty of help walking around. I will not bother to go to Bob Evans for a take out supper again.

The wait was ridiculous and the food was not cooked thoroughly.

Very Dissatisfied. Denise Swander

Reason of review: both poor customer service and bad quality food.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Length of time i waited for poorly cooked food.

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Excuse me. I am dissatisfied that it took forever to get food that was undercooked.

It was disappointing that the take out menu was very limited. My apologies for posting on this. Too many rude people out there. I should have known that I would get reprimanded for saying people walking around.

Did I say it was the fault of the wait staff? It is not the way paying customers should be treated.



The people walking around would be the waitstaff. They would not have the training and safe serv certification to cook food.

That issue aside, what did the manager say when you addressed your concerns with him/her? Not sure why takeout would have a limited menu but I imagine the manager could have explained it.


How would many people help carrots cook faster?


Simply not the issue. Weird!

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