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I was at the West Broad Street -Columbus Ohio and it was filthy. Our table was so sticky you could not put your hands on it-the menu was stuck together from old dried food in it.

I had to have three places of silverware replace and there was still food on them. I even went to a manager and asked her for new ones and she just looked at me in discuss that I was asking. The sets she gave me were not cleaned either so I sat there and ate my home fries and eggs with my fingers. My son -in-law ordered a breakfast with pancakes and he was done with the rest of the breakfast before he received them.

I went up to the manager and asked for them then he got them. We should of all walked out but was embarrassed to do so. When we left and paid the bill the manager asked how things were and I told her. She just said oh!

Then I asked for my receipt and she said she threw it away and went and got it out of the trash and I told her I was going to contact the main office for Bob Evans. They were not very busy but our waitress was doing her best. I do not fault her --I fault management. The restrooms were also deplorable.

When you get food on your silverware three different times and have to eat your eggs and hash browns with your fingers that is uncalled for.

My husband even had to drink his soup from the bowl for his silverware the third time was not clean.....I know I will never hear from Bob Evans and I will never return to this restaurant. The waitress even came over and gave us a have a nice day note card and it even was stuck to the table....I would think they used the water they cleaned the restrooms to do the tables with but they were so dirty they could not of used water in there that day.....No I am not pleased!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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