I have written them a letter after trying several e-mails that didn't fly due to their method of operation. This is about Firestone and scamming myself and then later my daughter who got caught on the road with a breakdown they didn't check what it needed just sold her something she didn't need.

They are either lazy, in-competent, or just don't care. I've tried to go by their form to fill in reasons and it flips off after the last question. I was trying to reach customer service but now I think I'll reach the BBB. I want to hear from them (unless they are too cowardly.) My name is Bobbie Evans phone 865/318-0470 e-mail: bobbiesevans@hotmail.com I EXPECT to hear something since I have spent so much time on this.

I will not go away and I will not forget. I need to talk w/them. Apparently they run when they are complained against. Firestone, try doing better work and get back to your customers.

I've sent a lot your way. I expect the courtesy of your response except by hiding behind your mama's skirt. Bobbie Evans P.S. Code which is absolutely

absurd too.

The code won't help you out here.

I'll go to someone else in your company if I need to. I didn't think customer service would act like this and shun their postion.

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