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I see that the new Bob Evans does not like to wait on the customers, I had to scan my own debit card, Could not even read the writing on it, If I have to do my won checkout, I should get a discount, After 30 years of BE, I am done. going to find another restaurant that waits on there customers.

Bob Evans must be rolling in his grave of all the *** changes you have made to his restaurant, you are over educated idiots.

Your *** review tells me I have to say this in 100 words, Idiots, Idiots, Idiots. Idiots, Idiots,

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

  • The Bill
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Kevin AKA Tasha, was banned more than one time at Complaintsboard and his/her/it's comments were deleted. Complaintsboard finally wised up and kicked that freak's *** to the curb!

Based on the sheer volume of comments on that site, one can deduce that this whackjob spends all day/night on the internet, posting really ignorant *** If you had to pass an I.Q. test, in order to post online, Kevin wouldn't even know what the internet was!


With such terrible spelling and grammar you have no right calling other people idiots.


Hey turd, you left out a comma!