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I’m not sure who to contact but I was traveling on I 70 West In Washington Pennsylvania. A Bob Evan’s semi driver was practicing horrifically dangerous driving skills and I feared for my life and the lives of my children.

We were driving through construction where the speed limit was 45. Not only did your driver speed but he moved in behind me in the left lane and nearly hit me multiple times because he was speeding and following me too closely. I have my 2 small children in the car. I was terrified and could not get away from him.

Then when we moved out of the construction and onto open 3 lane highway he had to be going 80mph and was following others ridiculously close. As I exited he was weaving in and out of traffic. The speed limit is 55. He was going near 80, no turn signals, weaving back and forth, driving down the center of both lanes.

I would hope you would want to know that not only is one of your drivers putting people’s lives at risk, he/she is soiling the name of your company with said driving as the Bob Evan’s logo was all over this truck.

I did not catch the license plate number but I caught the number of the cab and of the trailer.

Cab# 1284

Trailer# 1579.

I look forward to hearing from you about this dangerous situation and about your remedy.

I’d I do not hear back I will be making this a bigger issue as my children’s lives were at stake.

They are 3 and 1. Their safety should not be jeopardized by an idiot truck driver allowed to drive like that.

Reason of review: Dangerous truck driver.

Preferred solution: Tell me how you will remedy the situation.

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