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Where in the world do you go to sign up for your surveys that are on your bills. I went to BobEvansListens.smg.com but that has nothing to do with customer surveys.


Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Survey Service.

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I had the “Everything Breakfast” it was the worst meal I have ever had. The sausage was dry, the tomatoes were scant and the bread or whatever it was was tough.

The best part of my breakfast was the water and coffee. The server was great. I complained to her, she talked to the manager and $4.00 was taken off the bill.

Please go back to the old menu this new one is terrible. If this had been my first time at Bob Evans it would have also been my last.


The cashier kept the original bill and provided me with a receipt that did not have to code to enter for the survey.


That's about right!


I agree with "pissed" make your evaluation directly to your web site


Have gone on several sites, and cannot find the survey to get $4.00 off my next $20.00 order. Very frustrating and aggrevating.


I found it frustrating to TRY to respond to a customer satisfaction survey as posted on the cash register receipt.. Your food is good. Your survey address is lousy, likely wrong and NON-FUNCTIONAL.


You have to put www in just as other person reported. Thanks for previous advice--it worked just fine and took the survey.


I can't get on to leave a comment about my experience at your restaurant!Very frustrating!!


The site must have been off-line for awhile, perhaps because of change of ownership. It did not work, even with www., but now it works ok.

I always use Google.

You have to be careful though, a lot of scam sites also appear when you enter BobEvansListens. Site worked today, 6/20/2018.


You need to type "www.BobEvansListens.smg.com" I had trouble too, until I typed in "www", then I was able to take the survey.


Twinkle Toes--thanks--that advice fixed the problem. Thanks.


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Went to the one in Dayton Ohio on byer road I was very unhappy with the service the food was very bad ,it was sitting in the window for hours and the home fries was burn and the omelette was very dry it had no cheese it.is this what I get for 20dollars


i am having same problem as pissed consumer. bob evans are you watching this?

io am trying to get $4 off on our next visit buit cant because your stated web address there is something wrong. i can only assume you dont really want to give a discount, and so you make it impossible to ghet it. butwhy do you want to *** off good customers? i can only think that you have too many mbs's working for you who do not give a damn whether i get a coupon or not.

is this a correct assessment? please email me at conniemccreery@hotmail.com iof you want to reply.


Good service good food.


Service was great food was good.


Same problem with "bobevanslistens" site. It is too difficult to navigate.

I have tried several times with no success.

Hopefully Bob Evans reads this and corrects the issues. I believe they have farmed out the survey to another vender who hasn't a clue how to set up a survey.


I tried to go to the survey with no luck.. I was at the Bob Evans yesterday In Mayfield Hts., Ohio (near COSTCO) and the server we had, Sarah was outstanding.. She did an excellent job and very personable.Pam and Dolly


I couldn’t find it either but then I couldn’t activate the website for signing my little one up for soccer and they told me to try it from my computer instead of my phone. If you go to bobevans listens.SMG.com on your computer instead of your phone, it will work.


tried to get into your survey was'nt successful but did want you to know how great it was.your salads are wonderful and every thing else and service is great also.

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