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We met my friend and her son for dinner at Bob Evans this evening for dinner at 7pm. Our waitress had asked us what we wanted to drink before our friends got there. She then brought our drinks back and asked us if we wanted to order. Of course, we said no because we wanted to wait for our friends. Once our friends arrived, the lady came back to get their drink order. We didn't see anyone for 25 minutes. We tracked down another waitress who was training someone and then another waitress came by. We placed all our orders and still, no drinks for our friends. The 2nd waitress kept looking back on the menu, wasn't sure what was being sold, what came on stuff, or with stuff, etc.

Our dinner came, and surprise, surprise... Still no drinks for our friend and her son. As well, our meals came before our salads, in which our friend asked the waitress about the salads and she looked confused... Referred back to her order and saw that we did order a couple of salads.

From the time we sat down, til the time we left... We wasted 1 hour and 45 mins.. When most times you are in and out within the hour. And they weren't busy at all. The lady took off our pop from our bill and nothing from our friends. Wow, $1.99 for a pop.. Whoopie! Horrible, horrible service. Never again will be go to the Bob Evans in mentor on 306 or ANY Bob Evans for that matter.. This isn't the first time we've had horrible/terrible service at Bob Evans. Luckily we only visit once in a blue moon!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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The employees at that particular Bob Evans or any Bob Evans for that matter do not care about you or your friend and their kid and this is why:

I "cook" at Bob Evan's and I NEVER eat there because all of the food is frozen heat-and-serve GARBAGE. NOTHING is made from scratch- the biscuits, rolls, chicken gravy, beef gravy, sausage gravy, meatloaf, all of the soups, pies, cookies, brownies, cinnamon blossums - EVERYTHING.

Bob Evan's would absolutely not be able to function if they couldn't use microwaves because EVERYTHING is microwaved.

The reason everything is becoming worse is because corporate wants to maintain 17% labor cost which is a RIDICULOUS number, any restaurant in the world would love to have 25 or 26% labor. What this translates into is a chain of restaurants filled with overworked, underpaid and pissed off employees all in the name of making a few extra bucks for the shareholders. Every day I work 6 to 10 hour shifts without a break because they only give breaks to make people punch out to save a couple bucks on labor, never to actually let an exhausted employee rest.

Bob Evan's strategies with customers and employees are exactly the same; keep them both just happy enough to where they will probably come back and not a single ounce more.

Bob's is nothing more than an understaffed fast food place with a big dining room, our newest CEO and all of the new higher ups in corporate come from the fast food industry and that is what they want to turn Bob's into while trying to maintain the illusion that it is "home cooking".

Bob Evan's new motto: Where We Treat Stranger like Friends, Friends like Family, And our Employees like ****.

Have a nice day! :)


Not the first time you've had horrible service, yet you continue to go back? Huh!

My advice is stop going to these slop houses, expecting better service and seek psychological help.

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over again, expecting different results. You're the perfect example of crazy and $tupid!