Saturday September 04, 2021

11:00 A.M.

Tipp City, Ohio 45731

I and along with a guest of mine stop in for a breakfast and was placed on the waiting list which was alright and expected once seated we observed the server cleaning glassware off a table next us placing her fingers and hand on the top/in of used dirty glasses of previous used by a customer at which time she questioned us for our drink order as we watch her walk to discard the prior tableware she processed to get our drinks and bringing them to our table carrying them with her fingers on the top of the glasses/rims of the cups glasses. We watch her do this to other tables as well and to bowels as well.

As I approach the register the manager handle the transaction at which time she ask "how was your meal?" I explained that I could explain in a more in a excluded area once she had a minute, which she did have others behind me to pay as well, at which time I step to the side and waited for her to finished other transactions.

I observed other associates one server getting a drinks what seemed to be a Ice Tea and Ice water placing the glasses in the ice bin not using a scoop directly with the glass it self she than placed the Ice Tea under her armpit/elbow handling the glasses with the rim as well holding the Ice water at the rim.

Furthermore I noticed others dropping paper could of been a receipt on the floor binding over picking up the paper and immediately pulling food from the window.

I gave full noticed to the manager that I had over 20 years in retail/ hospitality as well had work with Bob Evans that I felt it was important to bring to her attention the action of the server and ask if she would turn and look what was going on as we speak to observer the other associate's, which she didn't not keep her eyes on me the whole time. Her reply was "this is her(the Server) second day on the floor" I at which time stated that I been a repeating customer pretty sure it was not her second day she than followed that up with "she a fast learner" and "I will talk to her." I explained that I again wanted to bring this issue to her attention and not discuss her employment history. At which time I walked away.

Over all the unit needs some daily attention bathrooms didn't seem sweep trash all over full waste bin and on the floor, cob webs in the waiting area and in between entrance finger prints on doors not just one day usage.

Yes dose it seem I'm being overboard could be not that I wanted to I just thought I would give a heads up to the management the other items fell in after wards.

No, apology's no Thank You for bringing this to my attention I appreciative your concerns and will immediately address them. Noto this is not the Standards of the company none of that.

What I walked away with was she was just hired.

Yes I'm fully aware of the staffing issues and time which we are in.

Please if I seen these issues most dubitably others see it as well.

Thank You for your time.

Robert L. Wead

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 22 Weller Drive, Tipp City, OH 45371

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