Springfield, Ohio

Called order in at 6:10 pm, I was told, ready in 10 minutes. Pulled up to curb at 6:20.

At 6:25 pm I called again. After giving my name was put on hold. At 6:40 pm hurray my food shows up. Family Dinner at the cost of 19.99 was cold.

Now on my prep ticket that I was given, the time says 6:25 pm. I have eaten at Bob Evans several times, I like your food. What has happened to you! The words sorry about your wait where never mentioned.

I thought that the drive thru at McDonald's was bad! I understand that you can pay high school kids way cheaper than an adult.

Would it be to much to hire students who can least put an order together and commit to the time of a carry out of curbside service orders!

Monetary Loss: $20.

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If you are going to complain and cry like a spoiled brat about you're service,,, stay home and cook it your way!! Grow up!!! Please


Did you ever think that maybe that person is handicap? You need to grow up and learn to have some empathy.


SHUT THE F_UCK UP! You come to a website called Pissed Consumer and somehow seemed offended that someone voiced a complaint!

Stop whining like a little kid!

No one made you read this complaint, so take your immature butt and go troll somewhere else on the internet! Piece of ***


Not familiar with the terms "customer service," are you?

If you think you should pay for bad service and cold food, that's great (and ***).

Expecting a certain level of service as a paying customer isn't being a spoiled brat, it's called being a customer.

You don't seem to understand this important distinction, and yet tell someone else to grow up? Astonishing.