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Ate dinner at bob Evans on winton Road in Finnytown, Ohio on 3/5/14 Our waitress was Marion. Everything was great with dinner , and then Marion became extremely busy, was unable to return to our table for service.

We asked for a dessert to go because we had waited so long to get our dessert. We asked for a dessert to go, and received two pieces of double crusted pie. We were charged $2.00 each for this pie. Please note that this was part of the 3 course meal and should have been included in our meal.

When I returned to the store the clerk got the female manager. She approached me with a rude "what's up?" When I explained the overcharge she became rude. We are 3x a week customers but because she wouldn't even discuss this with me I told here we would not be back. We did not have access to a menu and asked to have a dessert included in meal not a dessert with extra charge.

The problem I have is the fact that the assistant manager had such rudeness to a regular customer. What can you do to make this right?

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pie.

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Trust me you won't be missed. If this is the first bad experience you had(and you were wrong because the dessert you selected was not included in the three course meal) and you boycott them you are not that loyal are you.

PS Grow up, you were in the wrong, you are over the age of three so no need to act like you were overcharged.

You tried to get a more expensive dessert they did not give in to you so you throw a temper tantrum. There is no need to act like a three year old when you are in the wrong and don't get your way.

Face it she was not rude, and the reason they refused to discus the dessert issue any further was because you were wrong.

You throw temper tantrums like some three year olds so they don't want to discuss this with you. Perhaps if you acted your age by admitting you were wrong they would not have been like this with you.


You are right I checked the Bob Evan's menu and this person mentioned that she was charged extra for the pie. The reason it was not included in the dessert menu.

Funny how this person "forgot" to mention that detail. Like it was mentioned by other posters she said she goes to this restaurant three times a week. If this were true than she would know that the pie is not included in the three course meal. What that waitress was dealing with was a three year old trapped in an adult body.

The immature person that posted this complaint probably knew that the pie was not included in the meal being to this restaurant three times a week. She probably asked them to make an exception thinking the rules don't reply to her. When they did not she accused them of being rude.

Yeah she is a three year old trapped in a lady's body. This would explain how she was being so immature when she was wrong.


I'll bet the dessert was not on the list of items for the three course meal. Since two dollars is about half a typical dessert price, they probably charged you the difference.

What is this about no access to a menu? How did you order?

First Born Triplet

Yeah that is what I thought as well, it was not on the list the dessert she ordered. I would have thought they did not know about which dessert was included but well if they really to there three times a week than they would know what dessert is included and what is not. I think the rude part is not giving her what she wants.


This web site isn't going to do anything to make your situation right. You have to complain on the Bob Evans web site.