Placed a carryout order at the East Liverpool Ohio location. Ordered a Country Biscuit breakfast, a Farmers Choice breakfast and a garden salad (I specifically asked if it was too early to order a salad since it was 9am and was told no, they could make one. Total was $17.77. I gave the server $21 because she brought it out to my car. Picked up the order and I should have checked it before I left (my mistake) When I got home (a 20 mile drive) I saw that the garden salad was missing (but they gave me the dressing) and the country biscuit breakfast which consists of an egg, shredded cheese, sausage and grave over a biscuit was basically a biscuit with a fried egg and a piece (not shredded) of cheese on top like one would get at Mcdonalds. There was NO gravy, no sausage. there is nothing on their menu that resembles this so I have no idea what the cook was thinking.

Now this is not the first time this location was not able to figure out how to make something on their menu but I have never had a problem with the country biscuit breakfast. So I contacted the store and asked for a manager. I (wrongly) assumed that they would advise me to return to the store (since two major mistakes were made) and return the food and receive a refund and as a courtesy (since it was their mistake and it is a 20 mile drive for me) remake the food correctly and include the salad or offer a small gift card for a future visit. Something to say sorry we inconvenienced you. I advised the manager politely of what happened and all she said was well if you bring the food back I'll give you your money back. I returned the food and the receipt for the carryout order was still stapled to the bag.

Once at the story my experience got even worse! The manager did not offer an apology when I told her why I was there (I had already spoken to her on the phone) She handed me back $14 and some change. I said this isn't correct and showed her the receipt. She said no you used a coupon, it says right here (pointing to the cash register. I advised her I did not. The server spoke up "yes you did" NO I did not have any coupons. So I asked to see the coupon. The manager stated she could not do that as she didn't have it in the drawer. Ok, if I used a coupon they should have given it back to me as I was returning my incorrect order and asking for a refund. They should not be able to turn that coupon (if there was one) into corporate for reimbursement as the order is now void. However, I did not use a coupon, have never used a coupon at Bob Evans and what I suspect happened is the server had a coupon and used that when she went to ring up my order as to receive a bigger tip (I had already given her 3.23 on a carry out order that she didn't even assemble correctly) the manager didn't give me the tip back either which I didn't expect because there is no way to prove how much I gave her but to not even return the correct amount on the receipt that is stapled to the bag is ridiculous. I didn't want to cause a scene because I had my two young children with me I told her that is unacceptable and I left with the $14. It was July 4th so the corporate offices were not open to report the location to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sausage.

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