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My children and myself went to Bob Evans at 103 County Road 406, South Point Ohio 45680. on 6-8-18 We ordered plenty o pancakes, a chicken wild fire salad, and a one piece fried chicken breast meal.

While my daughter was eating the salad she noticed a dead bug on her lettuce. Shocked Ok I understand this can happen my problem was the way it was handledAngry My daughter goes to get someone we show them what's on the lettuce that was on her fork that she almost put in her mouth. And it was said we can make you another one or you can have something from the grill. Well at this point we have all lost our appetite and know one wants to eat from this point on.

They said we will remove the salad from your bill. Well it would've been nice to just void my total bill being we didn't finish eating. We left I payed for the other two things that we "DID NOT" finish eatingAngry And we left.

I wish it would've been handle differently. My contact information is: my name is Tamara Jones

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Wildfire Chicken Salad.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If the bug was a roach they should've comped the whole check. A fly, or god forbid, a gnat couldn't have made everyone at the table lose their appetite.

Kids usually don't make a fuss.

I think it was handled appropriately. I hope you still left a tip!

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