This morning my husband had a Dr.'s appointment so afterward we stopped at Bob Evans on Mentor Ave, Mentor Ohio.I ordered the "fluffy pancaked as stated on the menu) Well....they were a far cry from being fluffy.

They were so flat I thought I had only one and I ordered 2. I told the waitress that these pancakes are a far cry from being fluffy and she said, Oh, I'm sorry. Then the manager stopped by to see if everything was okay and I said that the pancakes were just terrible. I should have sent them back.

The manager asked if everything was alright and I told him the same thing I told the waitress. He said that he was sorry that he would go to the kitchen and see what was the reason for them being so terrible.He never mentioned about not charging for them.

So...............they just lost a customer.Thank you, Joanne D'Abate

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Yeah, guest relations, will send you a letter with a couple of coupons. The letter will tell you that they are sorry you did not like your food, but they will do it in a way that makes it sound like it is your fault for not liking the food - not that they have made bad decisions in the new direction they have taken in regards to the quality of their food. Someone high up in management at Bob needs to wake up quick.


We USED TO eat at Bob Evans A LOT.But over the past few weeks we have come to notice some serious changes to the food - especially the breakfast food.

First it was while going through Kent, Ohio. We stopped in and my wife got the sausage gravy. It was NOT the REAL sausage gravy Bob Evans IS KNOWN for. We said something and were told we had been used as guinea pigs to "test" the new gravy without us being made aware of this change first.

The new gravy is NASTY. It is an insult to Bob Evans. We then stopped by a Bob in Canton, Ohio a few weeks later and more recently one at Fairlawn, and when we asked about the gravy were told they had the new gravy too. SO we made sure not to order it.

BUT then we saw the pancakes. They are no longer fluffy nor do they appear to be made there. They tasted like and appeared to be from frozen. It was like something I would expect to get from McDonalds.

And I could not stop tasting the blueberry topping after we left. It was some new different cheap *** too. The biscuits are not the same. The sausage patties do not seem to be the same recipe anymore either.

The eggs were the ONLY thing that seemed to be like we were used to, but I bet some micro managing corporate *** there has done something to cheapen them as well. And that appears to be the ENTIRE issue we have come to realize, sadly I might add as we USED to really like Bob, is that Bob Evans must now be run by a bunch of bottom line focused micro...

Let us know when you decide to go back to FRESH MADE quality, then maybe we'll be back.

If you need someone who understands what needs to be done to help you out with the NEW issues your new low quality food is causing you and will continue to cause you just let me know.It is not rocket science that you don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

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to Scott #579483

Dear Scott, you are 100% correct on all counts.The CEO had turned your consistent, quality products that you have grown to love into something that resembles "McBobs".

Started with a new labor "matrix" a few years ago that forces the management team to cut their in store labor down to such a degree that all one could do was send employees home and HOPE you didn't get a line put the door. Then Bob Evans began to phase out the full time status of employees, ensuring that the stores ran with Part Timers who don't have the dedication to excellence that some of our senior people, who put in YEARS of service that made Bob Evans special. Well thank you Mr Davis, its clear that all you care about is the shareholders, not the customers, and definitely NOT the staff. Now he wants to integrate the grocery store product line into the restaurants to cut back on kitchen labor.

These are the people that showed up every morning at 5:00 to start cooking our signature recipes and get the ovens going and grill line fired up. These are the element in the recipe for which the shareholders can NEVER duplicate. Well you get what you pay for Mr Davis. And that is why I seen the writing on the wall and left after 4 years as Assistant General Manager.

Good cooks are hard to find and it wasn't uncommon for my unit to try and pay our BEST grill cooks $11-$12 an hour. After all, they could handle a Sunday morning crowd and not skip a beat.

Bobs wants pimple faced high...

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I'm so very sorry to read this, Mrs.D'Abate.

Can you call our guest relations group at 800-939-2338? They would love to hear from you directly about your experience. That kind of feedback is so helpful to us as we strive for the highest quality products...

and service.Thanks,

Margaret Standing

Bob Evans Corporate Communications

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