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I "cook" full-time at Bob Evans and I NEVER eat there because all of the food is frozen heat-and-serve GARBAGE. NOTHING is made from scratch- the biscuits, rolls, mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, beef gravy, sausage gravy, meatloaf, all of the soups, pies, cookies, brownies, cinnamon blossums - EVERYTHING. Bob Evan's would absolutely not be able to function if they couldn't use microwaves because EVERYTHING is microwaved.

The reason everything is becoming worse is because corporate wants to maintain 17% labor cost which is a RIDICULOUS number, any restaurant in the world would love to have 25 or 26% labor. What this translates into is a chain of restaurants filled with overworked, underpaid and pissed off employees all in the name of making a few extra bucks for the shareholders.

My particular store has failed multiple Steritech (health inspector) reviews due to hot and cold foods not being stored at the correct temperature, food debris being found on "clean" plates or containers, employees not washing their hands after handling raw food, the list goes on...because we NEVER have the proper amount of staff to do things in a correct and sanitary fashion.

Every day I work 6 to 10 hour shifts without a break because they only give breaks to make people punch out so they can save a couple bucks on labor, never to actually let an exhausted employee rest. On more than a few occasions they actually put me on break a half hour after I punched in so they could save a few dollars on labor, then I had to work the next 9+ hours without another break. I could have used that 30 minutes of us being slow to clean and make sure everything was correct and sanitary, but instead they would rather save on labor. Labor cost trumps sanitation 100% of the time.

Bob Evan's strategies with customers and employees are exactly the same; keep them both just happy enough to where they will probably come back and not a single ounce more. Why do you think Bobs ALWAYS has buy one get one free coupons? Because that is the only way they can get half of the customers to come back.

Bob's is nothing more than an understaffed fast food place with a big dining room, our newest CEO and all of the new higher ups in corporate come from the fast food industry and that is what they want to turn Bob's into while trying to maintain the illusion that it is "home cooking".

Bob Evan's new motto:

Where We Treat Stranger like Friends, Friends like Family, And our Employees like ****.

Have a nice day! :)

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sausage.

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