Kent, Ohio
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I was unhappy when I ordered one of your favorite sausage sandwiches which I know is not on your menu but was always told I could order it.It has always been a favorite of mine.While eating at one of your restaurants in Kent Ohio I ordered you sausage sandwich and was very surprised when paying my bill I was charged extra for my bun which has never happened before.When talking to the manager he informed me that since the sandwich is no longer on the menus that they have to charge separate for the sausage pattie and the bun.How can you charge extera for each item when ordering a sandwich?Do you do this with all of your sandwiches when people order one? Bob Evens has always been one of my Husbands favorite places to eat but was very unhappy with my last visit.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sandwich.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Waitress.

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well, because the item IS NOT ON THE MENU anymore, they don't have a way to charge you for it. The only way they can charge you for it is a la carte, each individual item.

Or would you just prefer free food? While running a business, it's not logical to just give stuff away without charging for it; it affects food cost and the budget of the store.

To expect NOT to have to pay for something is selfish. If you have been frequenting Bob Evans over the years you will notice all of the changes they have made to their appearance and overall structure of the place and how it's ran and all of it's food quality.

I mean, did you even notice they were different patties?

Also, next time you order it, tell them it's on the catering for one menu under breakfast for breakfast sandwiches.


Sorry, but this makes perfect sense to me. Applebee's use to have an oriental chicken wrap that was discontinued.

They still have the oriental chicken salad, so I order that along with a couple tortilla wraps and roll it up myself. I always am charged for the salad and for however many wraps I want. I understand the 2 separate charges because the item I want is not on the menu any longer. This applies to your situation as well.

If you enjoy the sandwich, just be glad they are trying to accommodate your special request. A lot of places would have said no.