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Our first two experiences with Bob Evans was pleasant. We came in late for dinner and being hungry, the waiter said we got all the free bread samples we wanted while waiting on our meal.

So, we said bring on the bread samples! We were glad we got them since the meal portions were smaller than what we were used to. So, we went back again since the food was good and had a good experience with the "happy to please" waitresses. When we visited another location in the same town, we asked for the bread samples while waiting on our meal and the godzilla waitress informed us that the waitresses who gave us comimentary bread with our meal ought to be fired because they should have known better that the company loses money that way and that they could never make a profit if everyone got free bread.

She did not slow down. I wish we had not asked. She was very sarcastic and said we would have to pay for any bread that we got with our meal. She said if I was going to complain about it that she would send over the manager (in a complaining attitude as if we were bothering her.).

We were not complaining, just asked what we thought was expected with the super friendly waitresses we had experienced at the other restaurant (2 different waitresses on different visits brought it up, asking what kind of bread we wanted while we waited, so it was just a surprise when it was not offered at the new restaurant. I felt like she was making a big deal of it, getting louder and louder and it was embarrassing to me, especially since I had brought guest with me. I told her that I didn't want the manager, but The manager did show up at our table before leaving and ask if there was a problem. I was so embarrassed at the way the waitress had treated us, as if it was our fault and we had no right for asking for bread and the downloading about the financial problems of the restaurant on me as if it was my fault.

The kind restaurant waitresses at the other location are the ones who offered us the bread. (We even had bought a couple of muffins to take home.). Anyway, what ever happened to making the customer feel good about eating out? What all she said loudly at my table was embarrasing, intimidating and made me feel stressed the entire meal.

I would have left if I had not invited 2 extra guests to join me and paid for their meals. i just told the manager that "everything was fine" because I was afraid this waitress might take it out on me when she returned and I was afraid of what she would do in retaliation or poison my food, plus I didn't want to be embarrassed again. It was fine that different locations in the same town have different policies, but I should not have been rudely harrassed just for asking for bread! I did not need to know about the financial status of the restaurant and asked what the employees names were at the other restaurant was so they could be reprimanded or fired.

Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.

I was just so shocked at the treatment we got at the Hwy 200 Ocala location. Still enjoyed the food, just not the atmosphere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Ok. Seriously??

Are you kidding me???? You thought the server was going to "poison your food"???

That HAS to be a joke- who in the *** would risk going to jail for killing or harming someone over freaking bread. "Felt stressed the whole meal" all I have to say is grow some balls and act like an adult and speak up if you have a problem.