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Went to have a late dinner last night, which was Saturday night February 3 and fourth I'm not sure. Myself 72 grandmother my niece 32 and her two year olds.

We were sad that home which was in a good spot it took 10 minutes to get our coffee and tea. She forgot our ice water with Lemon which we never got. We sat there for another 15 minutes and no one came back she went to several other tables and we set. There was an elderly gentleman sitting behind me at a table alone that had been wiped off.

I finally said to the waiter as he walked by that gentleman hasn't been waited on at all. The waiter replied it's not my table did someone set you here? Finally our waitress returned with a rolls and I replied we have an ordered our meals yet. I ordered the turkey meal my knees ordered the three course meal and the baby turkey meal.

She never refilled her coffee. I ordered a salad she ordered coleslaw and salad they eventually came and we ate them but nothing for the baby. We never got our meals. She returned later and said someone had made a mistake either her or someone in the kitchen and had not hit the button to put them in there.

By then it was 830. We ate some rolls and decided that we were going home. We talked to the manager and told her we didn't want them and we were not paying for them. It was the worst experience I've ever had at any restaurant.

The waitress was very sweet but very inexperienced. The manager should have sent us home with free food. This restaurant was on Miller Rd., Flint, MI. I absolutely love your food and I have never had this experience .

The problem is with your manager. They need to have backbone and the hire people and make them do their job. I think they had one person working in the kitchen. I am at 72 and could have multitasks better than anyone in the whole restaurant.

Also the wooden sled drapes were filthy.I will give you a restaurant another chance because I love it and would love to have some turkey today but that's the only chance not going to get. Hope it gets better.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Waiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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"The manager should have sent us home with free food."

I respect honesty. You were just trying to get a free meal that was cheap to start with. No shame.