Houston, Texas

Have been going to the Bob Evans in Aberdeen for about 4 years. Let me state that the service is average but what is really bothering me are a couple of things.

First the GM, I believe his name is Gary stop by our table one day after we had waited for 30 minutes for our food. when we started to explain our situation I noticed an odor which smelled an awful lot like alcohol coming off of him. at first I thought it may have been just me or a combination of smells but after he left our table my husband said the same thing. while he was gone we noticed that he was yelling had an employee who apparently was supposed to be waiting on us this is strictly unprofessional in more ways than one. I understand discipline needs to happen but it should be done in private and maybe not at the time when a guest is in need. I didn't expect it at that after nor did I want it at that after that as I just wanted what I originally ordered to be served to me allow me to pay and just leave. when he returned to the table after wthe distinct odor of alcohol and it was obviously emanating from that I definitely smelled the distinct odor of alcohol and it was obviously emanating from him. as not to embarrass him I did not bring this up but I did want to bring this to your attention as I believe it may have had something to do with his demeanor in speaking with that server. there is a right way and a wrong way to speak to people he does not know the difference you don't demean people and make them feel under you because you are in control it is not acceptable to do to someone and I refuse to return to this establishment or ANY Bob Evans because he is fake with his concern or "method of hospitality". My husband even recorded some of his actions on his phone to send to you but unfortunately had been deleted since the incident. He should be ashamed and embarrassed of himself to even consider himself a leader, as leaders lead not slur their speech and argue with staff in an open kitchen for all to hear/ see. Having to explain his actions to my 6 yr old was awkward to say the least but couldnt allow my son to think that behavior is acceptable. I was also told by an employee there that he is "just that way" which makes me question the morals and ethics of Corporate to allow this man to even be employed. I dont wish him to lose his job but maybe thats the wake up call he needs. I also tried to call and speak with him about this and was told he was in at 9am that day. I waited to call him until after 10am and was told he wasnt in yet, so i had to try on another day. The very next day called again at the time he was to be in and again was not there and was told by Donte that "he gets here when he gets there maam", in a snarky tone that seemed uncaring and unprofessional as well. I wonder where that behavior is allowed to exist, apparently he learned it all from Gary. You have lost a loyal customer and i WILL be spreading the word to NOT GO TO ANY BOB EVANS especially Aberdeen,MD.

Very upset custoner

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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