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I had 'steak' at my local Bob Evans today. I ordered as a part of the regular three course meal.

My husband ordered a blackened steak on the healthy side of the menu. When we got our dishes his steak was on my plate and mine his(we had different sides). We switched our plates without saying anything but at first *** I knew something was wrong. It looked and tasted nothing like any steak i have ever eaten.

It was more like a pot roast meat that was flattened and fried on a griddle. And i asked for my 'steak' to be cooked medium. Whatever it was came out well done. On top of that my steak had some sort of peppers, spice and mushroom.

As far as i knew i was supposed to be getting a sirloin steak. That is definitely not what that was. I didnt make a stink about it in the restaurant and managed to eat half because i was hungry. I used to go with my parents on sundays when i was a kid and remember the food being good and good quality.

Its not likely we'll be going back. I just dont have the confidence in the quality od the food anymore

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Steak.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Here's an idea- if something is wrong while you are in the facility eating -- SAY SOMETHING. No one is mind readers, if something is wrong I'm sure that anyone there would be more than happy to fix and replace the meal for you.