West Milton, Ohio
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My wife and I were out shopping this afternoon, stopped at Bob Evans in Troy. Oh.

around 6pm. We were

seated, I noticed they wasn't very busy, several minutes went by, the waitress finally came and took are order, awhile later she brought are cokes, some time later are food came, we ask where is the bread, and could we get some silverware, we got the silverware, in the meantime more people came in, we still haven't gotten are bread, the 2 other groups of people got there orders placed, and get bread.

Just before Finishing are meal we finally got the bread, and never got a refill on are cokes. I usually receive great service at Bob Evans thru out the mid west, this was the worst experience i've ever had in a Bob Evans restaurant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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*****OUR. Seriously??

"Took "are" order. Really??!!!?

Learn how to spell. Please.