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I recently visited the Bob Evans in Laurel Maryland, and was completely disgusted by my experience. I returned from travel and decided to take my Husband there because he likes it.

From the time I sat down I notice two to three Nat's flying around my table. I swatted them all and thought that was the end of it. Needless to say I spent my entire meal swatting and killing natts in n attempt to keep them from landing on my plate. Unfortunately I was fighting a losing battle and decided I couldn't take it anymore.

I called the waiter over and he politely informed me that the restaurant HSS been having an insect problem for about 3 months. I asked for a manager. I spoke to the female Assistant Manager who unsympathetically apologized, while making me feel like I was wrong for complaining. She did not compensate me for the horrible experience, and made joke with another customer about why she chooses to smile.

Completely unacceptable. Customers deserve better!

Bob Evans instead of ruining your customers dining experience, how about closing down a few days to combat this apparent bug problem! I calling the Health Department!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sanitary Conditions.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So OP why were you fired from Bob Evans, was it for sexual harassment, did you steal from the company, or was it for a less serious issue like coming late all the time or not showing up for work and not calling, or calling in sick and partying. Why did you get fired from Bob Evans Harris, and why are you behaving like a three year old to anyone that disagrees with you?


Obviously this is not a legitimate complaint forum because you have idiots attacking the customer. Oh I'm sorry you probably work at Bob Evans that's why your taking so much of your time to address something that has absolutely nothing to do with you.

I'm off of this forum.

I have better things to do. You should do the am you ***!!!


Better not go outside then. Bugs everywhere!

And seriously, you're worried about a gnat? You've never had them in your house?

It's not a big deal, honestly. I hope the Health Department laughed in your face.


When I pay for a meal in an estsbliblishment you in sensitive ***, I pay to for the opportunity to not only enjoy some down time with my Husband, and at the very least expect to eat and enjoy it without having to #1 swat knats throughout my meal, and #2 simply walk out after having the knats completely take over my plate. As a paying customer that is a minimal expectation!

So while that may be your standard its certainly not mine. So mind your business, and go find a bridge to jump off


Hahaha you should be more worried about the amount of syrup and butter you put on those pancakes!! Good lord- you may keel over from all the gnat swatting hahahahah


People need to get jobs instead of trying to get free meals. Just saying.


You need to be respectful of the fact that that I have a right to complain about a service that I was dissatisfied with. Spend more time analizing your own issues and not mine!

Both my Husband and I, who happens to be a retired Navy Veteran, have not only "Jobs", we have established careers. Obviously you don't because your spending your time commenting on a personal experience that I had. A free meal?

Really? Take a hike!


Yea What she said!! "analize" your own issues!!

Total sarcasm.