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We arrived at your Martins Ferry Ohio store at 1:30 , we waited until 1:50 to be seated and when we entered the dining area there were 7 tables with guests at them every other table in the dining area was piled with dishes and garbage. After they cleaned a table for us we waited another 10 minutes before a server came to our table to take our drink order .

She brought our drinks and took our order as she was leaving our table she said I hope they get this right! We only waited 15 minutes for our food but when it came I had ordered the knife and fork turkey sandwich and there was 1 small piece of turkey on my sandwich. My wife ordered a turkey sandwich and soup special which was to be a half sandwich but the sandwich was about 1 inch wide with a piece of turkey that did not even cover the small piece of bread . I told the server what is going on did they run low on turkey because neither mine or my wife had very much turkey on them .

She looked at me and just walked away ! We never seen our server at our table again ! Let me back up to when we first walked into your store there were 5 servers standing around talking and not working and like I said every table was covered with dishes and garbage . We only seen the manager twice and she walked out of the kitchen to the counter looked around and shook her head and went back into the kitchen.

Also the food prep person that was refilling the soup had on a long sleeve WVU jacket that was very dirty ! When I went to check out I was asked how everything was and I told them my concerns. The Response was do you want to see the manager! I Said will it do me any good to talk to her and the response was probably not you need to call corporate that is the only way you might get any response.

So I just paid my bill that was $41.86 shook my head and left . I can tell you I will never walk into that store again ! I have been to over 40 different Bob Evans stores and have never been treated like this! I don't know if I will ever go to another one of your stores again !

By the way I eat at a Bob Evans at least 3 meals a week!

I still can't believe the treatment I received today! The date we were at the Martins Ferry dump was 3/9/15 , 1:30 p.m.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Sandwich.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I'd like to point out that you said you've been to 40 different bob evans stores, and you're going to let this ONE TIME ruin it for every store ever? Some stores are satisfactory you know.