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I'm wondering if there is a problem with all the Bob Evans stores? The Marysville restaurant has really went down hill in the last 2 to 3 years. They should just shut it down, horrible service wait 20 min to get waited on & 20 to 30 min to get the food & them cold. The restrooms are filthy mess, well just about all Bob Evans are really dirty restrooms. The silverware cups & dishes are dirty & smell funny we have noticed this at the restaurants...
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During the 25 or so years we have visited family in Oxford Ohio, we frequently enjoyed repast at Bob Evans.When grandchildren departed after a meal we often heard them say, "Thank You, Bob"! But this last occasion was an exception. Service was slow, omelette veggies were raw, the kitchen looked a disaster with trash on the floor. We forgive the absence of some menu items as the hour was late, perhaps some staff had already departed. The...
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99 I said well it doesn't say that in your menu or on this flyer and you have them all over the restaurant. So instead I got a giant macaroni an cheese in place of the carrots I guess we'll neverknow. I can't get over No one ever came to me and said Mrs we're out of mashed potatoes there's going to be a wait on those mashed potatoes of 45 minutes, do you want us to get you something else or do you want something else and then they kept giving...
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