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..first many of your websites don't work..blank white page. Next, when you pay and hand the cashier your receipt they don't give the survey back.

Went in for the 6.99 slow roasted dinner. It's on the restaurants marquee and sent as a text message for the buy one get one. When you order this the server is not sure what you are ordering. They then come back and tell you that it's the senior portion.

Kind of deceptive, thinking you are getting the dinner size. Also, extra bread is never offered. Now, on the good side, the food is consistently hot and tastes good. Service is not always as reliable.

This restaurant is the countryside Clearwater store. Helen is the manager that I usually see. She is direct and not overly friendly. She doesn't like you to ask questions, not very accommodating when you do.

Now, to be sure...we are regular customers, our friends eat here and we meet family here all the time. I haven't sent comments before ..mainly because they keep the surveys. Alex does this a lot. ALL OF US eat at this restaurant a lot.

We are not treated like good loyal customers. That is what's so disappointing and the reason for my comments this time. We came in with the bogo coupon, added slices of pie, purchased a banana nut loaf and almost bought the packaged coffee but the packages expired Nov. 19.

My father in law was in earlier. Bottom line, we are good customers, but not always treated that way. You know as well as I do, that their are other restaurants out there. You also spend lots of time and money to get us in there, why not make sure we are happy.

Sincerely, J. Wright

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pie.

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Restaurants can't treat certain guests with any special treatments because they come in often.

Dinners do not come with unlimited bread.

The advertisements do not state that they are dinner portions, and even depicts the smaller sized portion.

Having a sense of entitlement does not portray you as a good, loyal customer.