Houston, Texas

My sister just called me about an experience she had with the GM of the Aberdeen Bob Evans smelling of alcohol over the weekend. I have had several carryout orders from here and wont do it again. An item or two is always missing from my order and when you call all they do is take your name and say we will buy something for you next time. Well that doesnt help feed my family after i pick up dinner after a long day at work and have set up everything at home as i just wanted some quiet time at home with my kids to only find out one of my kids meals wasnt there. Now i have to deal with an upset child AND now make them something because what you pay for isnt in the bag. Do they even check the order? When you call to speak to the GM since calling other managers got me nowhere, he is NEVER in at the time you are told he will be there to take your call. How does the person thats supposedly in charge, not even have the integrity to show up for their job on time, does he work the required hours for employment. I have called not just at one time of day but SEVERAL, i even got a " You just missed him excuse". If i tried to reach you at 10am and youre not in yet, how are you not there at 6pm. Now my sister goes there when travelling home after visiting us, ON OUR RECOMENDATION, and now hear from her she smelled alcohol on him, maybe thats why hes never in. A person either hung over or rushing out to drink might not be the best option to be in charge at a Family restaurant.

Lori Kuklich

Churchville, MD

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pick Up Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I read your "sister's" letter at another site. I think "she" is a low-life piece of *** for writing a letter on a public website, naming an employee and accusing him of reeking of alcohol.

If that story were true, the logical, mature, adult, responsible and dignified response would be to address the matter with Corporate and not spread malicious gossip (that is what a normal person would do). What do you and your "sister" have against this manager? It sounds personal. He would be within his rights to bring a libel suit against you "both".

No surprise Corporate and this manager are ignoring this drivel. Count yourself lucky if you don't hear from someone's attorney.


Ma'am I am so sorry for your experience there. I was employed at that store for 4 years and I can honestly say the GM is one of the main reasons that I left.

If I can offer you some advice? Try and get a corporate number and call them to let them know what has happened.

They need to know about this so they can take actions. It is not fair to the customers or the employees to interact with a manager like this


I tried to call corporate and was bounced around until I gave up. I also tried to goto their site and where you can "comment" /"contact us", I need a code from the receipt that my check does not have.

Thank you for a possible solution as I will not give this one up. No one should be treated the way that poor girl was chastised in front of everyone.

If it was my daughter I probably would have gotten extremely loud with him for all to hear. Maybe I should have to point out his flaws but thought I would have lost credibility when speaking to his supervisor.


I bet any amount of money you wrote that supporting comment yourself and then replied to it. LMAO! GET HELP!


You come off as being obsessed with this person.. what gives?