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Most businesses want their customers to not only be satisfied but to return. This is "Business 101" so your story seems a bit off.

Your server should have replaced your food immediately, if they didn't offer you should have asked. If you felt uncomfortable about eating there since the food was under cooked (I would be) it was YOUR choice to leave and eat elsewhere so.... why on earth did you pay for food you couldn't eat? If it was me, I would have refused to pay.

By the way, I'm not understanding how you "Should have known better" than to order from a picture menu. Isn't that how most people order in a restaurant that has glossy professional pictures to help their customers make choices? As a patron of many restaurants over the years I'm not naive to believe that the server will present me with perfectly plated food with photographers professional lighting.

If every meal matched the picture to a T then it would take an hour to have a team of food stylists to place every potato cube, every shred of cheese, every egg crumble with tweezers to get that plate to match the menu picture. Maybe you can use this negative experience as a reminder that if this ever happens again there's another way to handle the situation.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Menu.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Did you intend to respond to a previous letter but instead posted your response as a new letter? Because I've no clue who you are talking to and what incident you are referencing.