Martins Ferry, Ohio
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I asked for a meatloaf dinner. "We no longer have meatloaf." No suggestions, no apologies, just silence. How on earth can they call themselves a family restaurant without something as basic as meatloaf?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Bob Evans recently deleted several items as an attempt to shorten the lengthy menu. Unfortunately, meat loaf was one that was taken off.

Pot roast dinner, turkey and dressing, and chicken pot pie are all very good. The pot roast dinner is probably the most similar.

You should give it a try! Hope you'll be back at Bob Evans!


We always went there for meatloaf. It was awesomely good.

Why fix something that's not broke? Come to think of it, they no longer keep honey on the table for their biscuits. These were both a big part of the BE signature.

Oh, the counter guy is rude, no more than rude...clueless of the art of offering good customer service.

The servers are top drawer.

Total 3 thumbs down.

1 thumb up.