Bellevue, Washington
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This bob evans is awful to work at. You have to put up with sexual harrassment and instead of gettiing fires they just give the harrassers transfers and when you speak up about it they are on a mission to fire you after that.

They have no busseres and you are supposed tohave tables clean in 3 mim and orders taken within two they rip you off on your pay. They play favorites with whoever kisses their *** the most. Scream at you about silly things and when you tell the cooks your food is wrong you get screamed at by the cooks and are not allowed to defend yourself. A customer heard one of the cooks screamimg at a waitress an was so mad he almost beat him up.

Mgmt does nothing. You are supposed to have your sidework done within 15 min while still waiting on tables cause they want to get you out as fast as possible.

This place has roaches i never seen pest control there in the 5 years i worked there and the manager rex palo offers no help cause he sits in the office texting all night. Christina is so fat she cant help and shes an alcoholic who goes out drinking with the underage waitresses that work there and unless rex wants to *** with you or christina crogan wants to be your drinking buddy you are constantly treated like ***.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

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the place is so bad, yet you worked there 5 years? Please...