Lawrenceville, Georgia
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We have just walked out of the Bob Evans on Three Springs Road in Bowling Green, KY. We literally could not get anyone to wait on us.

We asked to move tables in hopes that another server would wait on us. The server who was originally assigned to our area refused look at us and continually catered to a couple across from us. When I stood up to request a seating change, she suddenly noticed us. I told her we were moving as she had totally ignored us.

She then came running to our table but still would not take our order. The couple across from our new location told us it took 45 minutes before anyone would take their order. This couple also was sharing an ice cream sundae and no one had provided spoons. They asked for spoons and only one was brought to them.

This was a comedy of errors and we walked out.

As you know this type of behavior and LACK of service gets around. We went to another restaurant where were waited on immediately.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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