Hanover, Indiana
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52 of us were on trip called ahead to let know we were coming only 2waitress to wait on us and took us 2 hours to get food everyone disappointed in service and quality of food Fischer park dr Louisville Ky Becky Hahn 11335 Dunlavy. Hamburg mi 48189

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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How much notice did you give the restaurant that 52 people were going to come all at one time? Did you give at least several days notice?

If not, then you have no one but yourselves to blame. I worked at restaurants during college and people would give like 15 or 30 minutes notice they were coming and bringing 40, 50, 60 or more people. There was NO WAY the restaurant could have been prepared for that, on such short notice! And I cannot believe you are whining about the wait for food.

Think about it! 52 people all ordering at one time and all expecting to get their meals quickly.

Surely out of 52 people, you can't all be clueless? Did you people at least tip those 2 poor waitresses who had to deal with you?


Oh they must have forgotten to call up waitresses on their day off to come in and wait on you and the 51 fat *** you came in with because you only had a certain amount of time you could wait before at least half of you needed your foot amputed from the diabetes you obese idiots gave yourself from eating at places like that. Does your group have a name? And are the words 'self entitled' anywhere in that name?

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