Centerville, Ohio
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This will be my LAST TIME EVER coming to this Bob Evan's! Ever!

From customer service to the quality of your food, this entire experience was bad. I came in and wasn't greeted with a smile, I was instead given dirty looks and the silent treatment. The woman threw my food in a bag and tried to hand it to me. I had 4 over medium eggs, bacon, mashed potatoes with gravy, toast, and an apple juice.

I immediately saw that my drink was wrong so I said " was actually apple juice." She tried to hand it off to me as an orange juice. Mistakes do happen so all was forgiven. I wouldn't of been so angry about it if she didn't say a single word to me. She turned around, checked the receipt, and then went to change the drink.

No "sorry about that." Or "let me fix that for you right away!" Nothing. She kind of huffed and then went to change it. She acted like I was the inconvenience here. Like this was my fault.

I did NOT like her attitude AT ALL. That was so unnecessary. Are these seriously the type of employees that you let work for your establishment? I get in the car and drive off.

As soon as I get home, I set my drink on the table. I pull my food out and start cutting through my eggs. WHERE IN THE *** IS THE YOLK? I SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR OVER MEDIUM EGGS.

THE BACON IS WAY TOO CRUNCHY AND THE TOAST IS WAY TOO SOFT! Can you switch those two please?! I wasn't as pissed as I am now until I went to put my straw in my cup and actually see my drink. Can someone please explain to me why my apple juice looks like a snow globe?!

THERE WERE QUESTIONABLE CRUMBS FLOATING THOUGH OUT MY ENTIRE DRINK!!!!! AT THIS POINT, I'M LIVID!! I finally call the store I went to and immediately asked the friendly voice I was greeted with for a manager. She tells me that it will be a moment and puts me on hold.

I was on hold for almost 12 *** MINUTES. I'm like.."ARE YOU *** KIDDING ME?!" Some guy then picks up after I was about to hang up and call back. I tell him about my drink and my eggs and bacon. He says "Oh wow I'm really sorry to hear that." While I was trying to explain to him my experience, he continues to just cut me off asking me for my name, phone number, address, etc.

I stop to give him that information but it was *** me off because it was like he wasn't listening to me! Isn't he the manager?! The only thing he says he will do is "send me compensation through the mail." LIKE WHAT THE *** DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! I don't want the *** food they can have this *** back!

I just wanted my meal replaced at least! You know what? I take that back. I could've dealt with the bad food, couldn't he have at least replaced my drink?!

There's *** crumbs floating in it!! What the ***! I usually get great food through you guys but this was absolutely disgusting! I ended up throwing both the food and the drink away!

Y'all can have that *** back! I just WASTED $13.68!! THANKS A *** LOT BOB EVANS.

NEVER AGAIN. Maybe if I wasn't black, I'd get better service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Maybe if you weren't such an unpleasant person, you'd get better service


way to make the whole thing about race. I was with you until the last sentence.