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I stood in the foyer of the gallipolis bob evans for quite sometime no one acknowledge my presents employees would look at me not say a word even when I started voicing my opinion about how I was being ignored to my grandchildren. Finally after another party came in after me I was asked how many was in my party and was seated.I don't mind waiting.

I would have felt a little better if they would have said I will be with in a moment. If it hadn't been that my granddaughter really wanted to eat here I would have left due to rude service

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Exactly how long did you have to wait?? If its 5-15mins then get over yourself.

Do you expect that everything that needs to be done to run a resturant is ONLY going to take mere moments so they can get right back up front? Why is it that people THINK that their time is so much MORE important then anyone elses?? Have YOU ever worked in a resturant?? Im guessing no.

Or YOU would have atleast SOME pity for those poor workers.

If You havent done the job you REALLY have no place to complain, unless you ACTUALLY recieve poor service. Having to WAIT is NOT poor service and there are MANY reasons WHY you would have to wait.


Did come in with white priviledge? If not they ignore you.


I bet the grandkids are mortified to be out in public with you.


"no one acknowledge my presents"

Sounds like some ungrateful employees were working. I always appreciate presents.

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