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We sit down and had breakfast me and my sister Becky and ask for coffee when we received our coffee we got dirty cups with coffee still spilled on the outside of the cups there was food stuck to the glasses or the cups. When I receive my breakfast and still waited on the toast after I was almost completely finished we asked another server if they could find where my toast was.

At that point a guy comes out pursue mean to be a manager since the toast down and it wasn't even toasted it was just buttered bread lightly worn. We asked to speak to a manager after paying for the meal cuz we were told it's a female manager but she had not gotten there yet so somebody else was in charge. We did not know who was in charge but it happened to be the same guy that dropped the toast off. He said you never said anything that your bread wasn't toasted I said you are a manager you shouldn't notice it before bringing it out.

It was the worst customer service we have ever gotten especially from a manager when he covered up his name tag so we cannot even see his name. I proceeded to call customer service and had a lady on the line there who was very rude to us just now and hung the phone up on me. Since we already had paid for the check he refused to Discount any items or refund any money. But he knew our whole experience prior to him ever talking with us.

We would like a gift certificate to try another Bob Evans. My address is 2617 Brookview Boulevard Parma Ohio 44134.

The Bob Evans we visited was State Route 83 Wooster Ohio North Wooster. My phone number is 216 804-3338 and my name is Crystal Miller

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You ate it. You paid for it. Buh-bye.


Hay lady!! Do you realize you just put your name address and phone on here for anyone to see?? Lol


I imagine they deal with people like you daily. But hey, at least you admittedly said you are just searching for free food. Many try to deny that.