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About 2 weeks ago on Friday, I ordered a Cobb salad at the Bob Evans at Wagh Chapel location in Crofton, Md. In stead of bringing me the salad dressing in (the silver pourer shown in picture.) I was given a bowl of salad dressing.

When I took it to the staff to ask why it wasn't in the pourer, I was told that it had been discontinued at Bob Evan's. I said the bowl was inappropriate and asked for a proper container stating this was not reflective of Bob Evans style of serving. They acted as though they didn't know what to do. I insisted that I wasn't going to pour my dressing on my salad with a bowl.

It would get everywhere. My server searched and found the small ounce pourer for syrup and gave me two of those to put the dressing in. I travel all over and find it hard to believe that Bob Evans no longer uses the silver pourer.

I thought thier behavior did not reflect the Bob Evan's quality the restaurants are known for. Thought you'd like to know.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work at Bob Evans in Alliance, Ohio and I can verify that we still have and use those silver dressing containers for salad to this day.


Why couldn't you ask for a spoon to dip it out with? Many people survive eating salads just that way. It doesn't have to go into a gravy boat.