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Your 3-Course meal starting at $9.99 is deceiving, it is the classic bait and switch. I thought I was paying $9.99 actually I paid $12.79.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants 3-course Combo Meal.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Sorry to tell you; your comments won't get you to far; Did you know there is a thing called tax on food when you dine out; and I hope you left a tip for the person that brought you your meal. But If you paid this price; you also had a beverage.

NO one deceived you; it's called buyer be ware. When you go to the grocery store and buy food and pick up a few things that are not food; which may be toothpaste, hair spray, dental floss, laundry detergent, shampoo, mouth wash; and you pay tax on these items; you expect those items to cost more then the shelf price; Right? Well eating out is the same thing; if you order a beverage; that cost is added to your meal and then of course taxed. Being a business owner; I understand all to well; we have to pay Federal, State and County/City taxes on all amounts; therefore we are allowed to collect sales tax that we charge; because we owe sales tax on products, goods and some services; check with the IRS, and your local Chamber of Commerce and you will notice Bob Evans just as me are all in the same boat for accessing your ticket the right taxation amounts;

You know I had my own junk I wanted to talk about regarding Bob Evans; which is huge considering this.

Let me make it straight; there is tax on all retail and even though it is food you are buying; it is what we in the market call it Food Retail; therefore it carries a tax and if you purchased the similar items from a grocery store and prepared them at home; well you'd be less the tax and be missing all that old fashioned hospitality. And why did you go to Bob Evans in the first place; appears to be your real questionable concern; is not the cost of the product you received; which was a 3 course meal. So to identify with your real concern in remitting the taxation on the meal you ordered and ate with purpose; and you will find your answer to every similar situation you have in society that becomes the same situation for you; it's within, not from a person, place or thing;

Enjoy my dear person; I hope this puts much blessing upon your life; I am a Family Therapeutic Domestic Recovery Therapist. You may consider, rethinking who you are casting the stone to and is it the right stone to throw or does it really come from within yourself?

Only you can answer this question. What is the real reason you went to Bob Evans to eat and why did you order this meal; and why are you begrudging Bob Evans from following IRS guidelines? When you answer all of these honestly to yourself; you may realize Bob Evans, did not over charge you; and if you read their menu; you will notice; it does say taxes will be charged; and it provides beverage and desert and starter pricing as well. And if you go to eat at Bob Evans for the early bird; 3 course meal; which is slightly different then the normal dinner 3 course meal; which again; buyer beware; if you do not understand the menu; that is why there is a staff; a server to assist you; ask them all you want; that is their job is to be of service to you; that is what eating out is all about; the service and great food in a good setting; where you feel comfortable and safe.

And for most families that is Bob Evans. Next time you visit; keep all of this in mind and go prepared; with a few extra dollars; then your not at the seat of your pants; when the bill comes. Enjoy fall and the next time you go to Bob Evans; the Pumpkin Pie Supreme is great! Considering, I work a lot; me and my family eat there often; it's the next place to home and they are always happy you stopped in.

They always have cookies on a plate, like grandma and they are anxious to please. And when you work late and want a little more family time; verses a little more work with preparing a meal and cleaning up afterwards; Bob Evans, is next on your plate in our family.

Goodness to you my dear. Happy Fall.