We had a horrible experience this morning at the local Bob Evans, where we have been going for breakfast for the past 10 years. We watched as meals were piled under the heat lamps drying out, and customers were complaining. When we talked to the Asst. Manager, it seems that Bob Evans has come up with the brilliant idea of not allowing the managers to schedule the staff - leading to over-staffing one day or one hour, and under-staffing the next.

The WI-FI also has not worked at this location for about 4 weeks now. It seems that they have moved their computer servers, or IT people to one building, and now no matter how much trouble they have with their own computers, or the system for customers, they can not get any help from the IT department.

I know that the staff has had their hours cut, less full-time staff and more part-time staff with fewer hours - not due to less customers, but just to cut costs. I'm sure upper-management is not taking any pay cuts. Hopefully they will get the message when there are fewer and fewer customers coming back, and the bottom line will finally affect their paychecks.

It's time the management talked to the staff and store managers and customers. What a novel idea !!

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

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we understand where your comming from,,,we have been going to the bobevans in kalamazoo ,michigan off of stadium for years now as well,,the one waitress we loved was their for 13 yrs, got tired of all the changes in the system,,with credit card tips not getting to the waitresses until every two weeks,,to all the new management not having a clue,,we seen her leave,,we still stayed,, got close to a couple of other servers,,we like alot,,stacy,,delores,,and kelli,,we seen them there toughing it out,,doing a great job,,as for us,,,they are the best waitresses,, they know what they are doing..they have also been their for years now, as well,, and have grown to alot of us regular costumers..well now we see all these new waitresses,that are either slow at arriving to the table as well as getting are food to the table ,,to being dirty looking,,to just not being very friendly,,we see the girls that have been there the longest are losing hours or not getting their regular scheduled days,, due to the new computer scheduling system,,,we enjoy comming in every other day or every day and knowing one of are good servers will be there,,we like knowing they are their to take care of us,,,so if the new policy cuts these girls we will not be comming back,,,dont go and lose your best help due to some computer!!!!!!!!!!!!so get it together kalamazoo management we already seen danielle leave,,dont go and lose the other three best servers you have!!!!!!!!


With the computer assigning when the waitress works sucks. I will never go to another Bob Evans again.

My daughter works at Bob Evans in Ashland Ohio,and put in her two week notice because she won 't be getting her certain hours she has had forever. She is probably the best server they have ever had. You need to talk to her managers and find out what kind of server she is .

Her name is Andee Rowland. Thanks