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TOOK my 92 yr old Mother in law to Bob Evans on Michigan ave in Dearborn Mi today.Please note I was a server for 28 yrs, the last 15 of which was at Bob Evans.The company has changed so much and for the worse. whoever is in charge of restaurant policies should be fired.They got rid of bussers, so now the servers are required to buss tables and take dishes back to tank,but today I believe our server was working a side by herself,there was no refill on coffee,no can i get you anything, no is everything allright,no prebussing,dirty tables left the whole time we were there,she sat our food on the table as fast as she could and left, when we were .done and waiting for our check a manager (female) came by and asked if everything was allright,ha!

Managers used to carry a coffee pot,or prebuss a table if there severs were slamed.I asked her if she could have our check brought, it didnt come,we got it on the way out 10 min later.Manager saw us asking server for it and said she was sorry, they were short handed. on the way home i stopped at store-told cashier about the really bad service and she says wow a customer was in yesterday, said the manager at that Bob Evans had came to work and fired alot of help(a horrible woman manager,she said) I know how hard servers work and now that Ive vented about the way things were there today at least i feel better,I think Mr Bob Evans would hate that i saw today,he was a great owner of the company, its a shame those left in charge are ruining what he built.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

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Bob Evans has been going downhill for quite some time. We stopped going there years ago.We have seen BE's close down on "resturant row" in MAJOR tourist traps.It's really a shame to watch a quality product of a trusted name, destroyed by greedy, incompetent middle management!