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Lets see, I purchased 4 chick pot pies and it came with side salads. In previous times that I (just me) had been to Bob Evans thought the chicken pot pie was decent.

Nothing like Peperidge Farms (sorry about the spelling) but it was and ok pot pie. This time, holy moly, i had no chicken in mine and my husband had one piece and then between my son and daughter in law maybe a piece or two. The side salads i don't even want to discuss. I cannot believe I paid $55.22 for the food I just received, and it was not worth half the amount.

$55.22 ... that's a lot of money for chicken pot pie/salad/peanut butter brownies is what i think they called the dessert. Think about that - quality was absolutely horrible/ and the cost more than 10.00 per person. So, even though there is a HUGE market for what they (bob evans) is trying to do...

they have a long long way to go to get the job done, and the funny thing is - i could do such a better job and make people so much more happy with the food they put in their mouths. sad sad sad! should have opened a restaurant a long time ago and served genuine good food - bob evans what a joke! and the chicken pot pie is made with some type of paste/rolls are NOT homemade and the desserts are a typical SAMS CLUB product ...

and the salad --- go by yourself a bag at the grocery store! I can't believe I just paid 55.22 for this junk.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Pie.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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add me to the list of people not happy with the chicken pot pie. Last time I got one it tasted like someone poured an entire box of salt into it.

I absolutely could not finish it. In fact, much of Bob Evan's food has gone downhill in recent years.


don't tell her to shut up, bob evans sucks


shut up


I'm so sorry to read about your experience! We pride ourselves on quality home style food and if it's not meeting your expectations, we definitely want to know about it.

Can you call our consumer relations team at 800-939-2338? They'll help make it right for you.

Thank you! - Margaret Standing, director of corporate communications for Bob Evans Farms