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My husband went to the local Bob Evans to pick up a dinner. He was getting Turkey & Dressing for a family,p.

he was told he needed to wait as they didn't have rolls. So okay he thougt that's okay they will be fresh this way so good, he waits. After this wait teh manager brings ip the food out and says she gave us "extra rolls because ether were "kind of small"! Okay no the are not small the dough had never risen and they were cooked anyway.

So little hard dough balls were the bread with the dinner. Then we get to the Turkey and Dressing there is NO gravy on the turkey and dressing and a small container of beef gravy to go on the turkey and dressing. When I call the manager tells me she can mail us some coupons. And that she had explained that the rolls were small.

When I said they aren't "small" they did I not ever rise, she said no we don't have then at this time of night, this she could have just said we don't have what you want! How about you try not selling what you don't have!

Not trying to bs your customers? This is just not way to treat your customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I think the major issue here is she saw your husband as a pushover. I can see why, he is the one that had the bad experience and you are fighting his battles. Most adult's know how to fight their own battles.