Rochester, New York
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I have ate at this restraunt for years, and have always went there because of the service , and the quality of food, and CLEANLINESS, and for the past 3 or 4 yrs it has went to the dogs, that place is filthy, the dishes are always dirty! U order a glass of tea or whatever and u can feel the grit and grime on the glasses, and coffee cups, filthy bowls and plates and silverware!, and not to metion the restraunt as a whole, it is not clean!

And here latley every time i order food, which is at least 4 times a week or more, they leave somthing out of my order and i live a good ways from it, and by the time i get all the way home its to late to back! i dont get off work till 6 and by the time i get home to eat its always 730 somthing till 8, they do not pay attention to nothing u say! And the portions, which im sure is not their fault sucks for the prices!!

Im so upset with this place i am about ready to just stop going there and as i said i have went there since it opend probally aobut 15 yrs or more!! Something needs to be done about SERVICE , CLEAN, AND GETTING ORDERS RIGHT! The day shift girls only 3 maybe that is Drema Holeston, Joan, and Chris they have been there since it opened they make sure that your dishes are clean and your order is right, they need to be reconized!

But the rest of them espeically night shift a bunch of kids who are there to flirt and carry on they could care less about anything! Im tired of this!! And the management sucks!

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We were there last night. The one beside of the mcdonalds in So.

Char. Our waitress was Kesha, and she had to be on something. she forgot everything. we were there for a total of an hour and a half.

Most of that time we were waiting on things. eventually she broke down, went to the kitchen, screamed at someone for a good 5 minutes. The manager didnt do anything. She came back out front, started crying at the computer in front of the whole store, and the manager was comforting her and chasing her around like a lost puppy.

I waited so long on my food, that I actually considered getting up and getting food from mcdonalds and bringing it back to the table. they gave us our food at all seperate times. some of us had finished before others even got their food. lol.

By far the worst restaurant experience I've ever had. The manager that was following the girl around did comp our meal, which should be a given.

even with a comped meal, im certain that everyone I was with, including myself, wont step foot back in a bob evans if that's how they run their restaurants. someone needs to goto south charleston and take charge.