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My daughter was in the steubenville, ohio restaurant on January 11,15 when she left her cell phone. She came back for it just a few minutes later it was gone.

She went home to track it and it showed that it tracked to the back of the restaurant. I talked to a female manager she was not helpful at all and was errated that i said the phone was in the building she said it was probably thrown away and said I could go thru the garbage and when I looked at the garbage can it was full of food, which she knew I would not dig thru, she said I can't help you. The male manager told me very rudely and not very interested at all that a customer was in need of help that there was nothing he could do. My daughter went to our local

My daughter was at the Steubenville, OH restaurant on January 11,15 an left her phone She went back a few minutes later and it was gone.

She went home and tracked it and it showed that it was in the back of the restaurant I went to the restaurant with her and showed a female manager and she was not helpful and showed no interest in helping us. She said it was probably thrown away & said I can go thru the trash that was full of food & knew I wouldn't go thru it & said I can't help you. My daughter went to the local police department and filed a report an officer went to the restaurant and a few hours later she was contacted, the phone was found in an employee locker and was returned to her. I work in retail and this is not how I believe a manager should react.

Even if you do not want to blame any employee you should at least try to find some sort of solution. The restaurant was busy I understand but in this situation not one of these managers wanted to help I felt like I was a nuisance to them and they probably thought I was crazy. I do not appreciate the behavior of both of these managers although the male manager said he was sorry and embarrassed that it happened.

This restaurant is in a very small town and I will be sure to let people know that if you visit this restaurant please hold on to all of your belongings. Just an after Thought the waitress that waited on my daughter took their order and then her shift was over

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Reason of review: bad management.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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