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On 6/ 13/18 I went to Bob Evans to eat in very rainy day and had a patient which Trail in the parking lot when they were getting out of the car Two Gentlemen assisted and brought him inside a place one order and was waiting and decided to take the patient back to the car I received the first order and took it to the car and decide to place a second order and was waiting inside and another lady was waiting the cashier said to tell the lady in gray her order is ready so I took it and gave it to her still waiting on my order everyone had left except me then then the cashier asked are you waiting on the order and I said yes she checked and said no you had already picked it up and I told her no you told me that the lady in Grey's order was ready and I handed hers to her evidently when my order came up little lady and great went up and picked up the order so I asked for that same order to be redone or my money back they manager which was a lady said that we can't do that because you picked up your order and one of the young men seen you and I repeatedly told her only picked up one and then told the lady in gray that her order was ready and gave her her order I cannot help if she came up and picked up my bad thinking it was hers you had three young black man standing around watching until the manager got after them and told him get to work do something then she proceeded to tell me I cannot give you the money or the food I can maybe give you a gift card if they pay you and I said no I went to Food on my money my orders came to$ 29.97 one order $13.98 the other $15.99 so I proceeded to ask where another manager and she said she is the only one but I know a gentleman was in the back and was a manager so I refuse to leave without one or the other eventually she gave me the order my loss was in the restaurant not outside the restaurant and I think they were very rude as I return to the car my patient was having a seizure and had to call an ambulance his result was he had to have surgery but I was also upset oh how rude they were acting the time it took me to argue about my food I could have had my patient home my time start was 4:45 p.m. and I could not get things right with them until after 6:pm. I understand how restaurants run and you have to wait on the food my day lapse of time I went by before orders were ready I will not go to this location ever again and have inform staff members also my patient was a bishop and I feel very bad for his delay in his health because of them acting rudely and young man standing around only one gentleman was really working never againAngryAngry0436-6/13/18-4:45pm-.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bob Evans Restaurants Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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