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In past years the turkey dinners, especially the turkey dressing with gravy, were delicious--this year, 2015, was a different story altogether. The turkey was O.K., the cranberry sauce was delicious, the green beans were made by a different recipe and were not as good as past years, and the turkey dressing was awful--no one at my house finished one serving of it.

The dressing did not look or taste anything like it had in the past---it was crumbly, dry small cubes of bread and did not hold together as it was being spooned out of the container. The mashed potatoes were dry and had to have either more liquid or butter added to it and the rolls were not up to the past standards for Bob Evans. Bob Evans had a great idea putting warm-up instructions for the dishes inside the family pack; but I found that the microwave instructions gave twice the amount of time required to warm the dishes---using the time suggested on the sheet would have completely ruined the food. It makes me wonder if whoever wrote the warm-up instructions even tried warming the dishes using the time stated for customers.

In reading that Bob Evans will be closing many of their restaurants over the next year this may account for the poor quality of the turkey family pack for Thanksgiving---it certainly was not worth nearly $70 that I paid for the dinner for four (includes tax and gratuity).

What ever has happened to Bob Evans, I hope they are able to turn things around---but if they don't return to the quality of food they originally served, they will not be in business very much longer. I have changed my plans for ordering a turkey family pack from Bob Evans for Christmas 2015.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Bob Evans Restaurants Pros: Turkey cranberry sauce gravy pie.

Bob Evans Restaurants Cons: Price compared to food quality, Taste of food.

  • Poor Meal
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To update my review: A customer service representative from Bob Evans did contact me and apologized for my dissatisfaction with the food this Thanksgiving and sent me $25 in coupons. I have only eaten one of the Bob Evans breakfast meals since Thanksgiving and the eggs and hash browns were very good.

My wariness of Bob Evans still exists and I will no longer go there to order meals other than breakfast.