If you're 55 and over and think the seniors menu is a good deal, think again.The lower price is because you get less food -- not a discount!

When I ordered the open-face beef sandwich, it didn't come with a 2nd side - just the mashed potatoes & gravy.

The waiter must have noticed my disappointment so he offered to include the baby carrots that was going to order as a 2nd side, until I found out they weren't included on the seniors meal. He said he'd give them to me anyway. I thought that was quite nice of him....until I received the bill. Instead of being charged $7.29, $9.29 was the amount on the bill.

When I questioned it, he said that was because I order the carrots as a 2nd side, put the ticket back on the table and walked away. There have been times we've gone to Bob Evans and the manager gave us complimentary food, so I thought that's what the waiter was offering (carrots at no extra charge).

Live & learn!Always ask for clarification ahead of time!

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Columbus, Ohio, United States #1224759

If you want to save at any restaurant, take a small plastic bottle of water with you and then decline the beverage.Or if they have filtered water that comes through the soda fountain dispenser, request water.

Of course Bob Evans is wise to this strategy and will refuse coupons unless you buy one of their huge money making water & ice with a shot of syrup drinks. Restaurants love to break meals down into component parts and then charge multiple times. Then you are rewarded with feeling compelled to leave a tip.

Did anyone tip you when you did your job?It's gotten ridiculous.


If you are so poor that $2.00 makes a big difference to you, you shouldn't be going out to eat to begin with.

I an 73 and never expect that anyone owes me anything for it, that's ridiculous.

Probably younger people trying to raise a family and buy a house need discounts more that us old geezers.


I like the smaller portions too.As a senior, I am less active and do not require a lot of food to get filled up.

It says, "Senior Menu", not 'Senior Discount Menu".It is nice that some places do offer a percentage discount at the cash register for seniors but their age for that discount is usually at least 60.

Fort Huachuca, Arizona, United States #1131520

Most all senior menus offer smaller portions. If you read the menu it does not say it is a discount, it calls it a Senior Menu. However, in many restaurants they give you a Senior Discount off of the meal price if you order off of the regular menu.


Yeah tonight I got the senior turkey dinner, a new waitress, a smart *** manager wanna be and ripped off. I got turkey, stuffing and gravy , no mashed potatoes. A side salad cost extra , humph!


Wow you are not only old you are cheap as .

Orange, California, United States #1031908

I am glad you did not get free food.You have to pay for extras, the reason they give a discount to seniors is because the food is less.

If you cannot afford the whole meal than you don't get it.You are not entitled to a thing.


Read the *** menu.It tells you what comes with it.

You knew the regular meal came with carrots so that's probably what you should have ordered.You are right though the senior meals aren't a deal really...smaller portions and for some meals one less side for a dollar or two less.


first off your wrong BOB evans does not franchise every bob evans is corporate i should know I work for the company.


:( when did age 55 become senior citizen age?and when was it ok for seniors to expect free stuff.

just because you got something free once doesnt make it an everyday thing.also some bob evans are franchised as the ones here dotn short change the food amounts when you order a meal, you get ample food.

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